IRS News Release  
December 04, 1996

IRS to Send "Formless"
Tax Packages to Millions

WASHINGTON - In an effort to encourage millions of American taxpayers to file their returns by telephone next year, the Internal Revenue Service will send them something very different -- a tax package with a worksheet instead of a tax form. The TeleFile package will be sent to over 22 million taxpayers inviting them to use this paperless tax filing system.

TeleFile requires a touch-tone telephone call lasting less than ten minutes. Last year nearly 3 million taxpayers filed through TeleFile, and over 99% of them were so satisfied they said they would use it again.

"People who use TeleFile like it," said IRS Commissioner Margaret Milner Richardson in announcing the TeleFile program for the next filing season. "We are confident many more taxpayers will try it during the 1997 filing season."

The TeleFile program has been enhanced to allow telephone filing by married couples filing a joint return as well as by singles. TeleFile saves time and money for taxpayers and the IRS, because it eliminates many errors and can speed the issuance of refund checks. Taxpayers can get their refunds even faster by choosing to have them deposited directly into their bank accounts.

Taxpayers eligible to use TeleFile are those with no dependents, taxable income of less than $50,000 from wages, interest or unemployment compensation, and the same mailing address as the year before. Those who receive a TeleFile package but are unable to use it -- for example because they changed their address or now can claim a dependent -- can easily get the tax forms they need from the IRS. The easiest and quickest way to get tax forms and instructions is from the IRS Internet Web Site at Forms are also available by fax through IRS TaxFax, by phone, and from many banks, post offices and libraries.

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