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PDF Category: Form
Form 1854(PDF, 26K) (Rev. 0804)
How to prepare a Collection Information Statement (Form 433-A)
PDF Category: Notice
Notice 1036(PDF, 166K) (Rev. 1104)
Early Release Copies of 2004 Income Tax Withholding and Advance Earned Income Credit Payment Tables
Notice 1339(PDF, 24K) (Rev. 0105)
Delay in Delivery of Publication 3161
PDF Category: Publication
Publication 1(PDF, 30K) (Rev. 0505)
Your Rights as a Taxpayer
Publication 3 (PDF, 210K) (Rev. 2004)
Armed Forces' Tax Guide
Publication 5(PDF, 32K) (Rev. 0199)
Appeal Rights and Preparation of Protests for Unagreed Cases
Publication 15(PDF, 345K) (Rev. 0104)
Circular E - Employer's Tax Guide
Publication 15 (PDF, 377K) (Rev. 0105)
Circular E - Employer's Tax Guide
Publication 15-A(PDF, 324K) (Rev. 0105)
Employer's Supplemental Tax Guide
Publication 15-B(PDF, 145K) (Rev. 0105)
Employer's Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits
Publication 15-T(PDF, 331K) (Rev. 0601)
New Witholding Tables for 2004 (For Wages Paid After June 30, 2001)
Publication 17(PDF, 2.1M) (Rev. 2004)
Your Federal Income Tax (For Individuals)
Publication 51(PDF, 298K) (Rev. 0105)
(Circular A), Agricultural Employer's Tax Guide
Publication 54(PDF, 349K) (Rev. 2004)
Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad
Publication 80 (PDF, 145K) (Rev. 0105)
Circular SS,Federal Tax Guide for Employers in US virgin Island, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern
Publicación 179(PDF, 218K) (Rev. 0105)
Circular PR - Federal Tax Guide for Employers in Puerto Rico
Publication 213 (PDF, 682K) (Rev. 0603)
Check Your Withholding
Publication 216(PDF, 88K) (Rev. 0392)
Conference and Practice Requirements
Publication 225(PDF, 842K) (Rev. 2004)
Farmer's Tax Guide
Publication Circular 230(PDF, 460K) (Rev. 0702)
Regulations Governing the Practice of Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, Enrolled Actuaries, and Appraisers before the IRS
Publication 334(PDF, 417K) (Rev. 2004)
Tax Guide For Small Business (For Individuals Who Use Schedule C or C-EZ)
Publication 378(PDF, 164K) (Rev. 0405)
Fuel Tax Credits and Refunds
Publication 393(PDF, 311K) (Rev. 2004)
Federal Employment Tax Forms
Publication 463(PDF, 411K) (Rev. 2004)
Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses
Publication 470 (PDF, 18K) (Rev. 0182)
Limited Practice Without Enrollment
Publication 501(PDF, 201K) (Rev. 2004)
Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information
Publication 502(PDF, 187K) (Rev. 2004)
Medical and Dental Expenses
Publication 503 (PDF, 169K) (Rev. 2004)
Child and Dependent Care Expenses
Publication 504(PDF, 187K) (Rev. 2004)
Divorced or Separated Individuals
Publication 505(PDF, 434K) (Rev. 1204)
Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax
Publication 509(PDF, 124K) (Rev. 1204)
Tax Calendars for 2005
Publication 510 (PDF, 283K) (Rev. 0405)
Excise Taxes for 2004
Publication 513(PDF, 68K) (Rev. 1104)
Tax Information for Visitors to the United States
Publication 514 (PDF, 276K) (Rev. 2004)
Foreign Tax Credit for Individuals
Publication 515(PDF, 411K) (Rev. 0105)
Withholding of Tax on Nonresident Aliens and Foreign Corporations
Publication 516(PDF, 124K) (Rev. 0405)
U.S. Government Civilian Employees Stationed Abroad
Publication 517(PDF, 236K) (Rev. 2004)
Social Security and Other Information for Members of the Clergy and Religious Workers
Publication 519 (PDF, 513K) (Rev. 2004)
U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens
Publication 520(PDF, 76K) (Rev. 0602)
Scholarships and Fellowships
Publication 521(PDF, 141K) (Rev. 2004)
Moving Expenses
Publication 523 (PDF, 195K) (Rev. 2004)
Selling Your Home
Publication 524(PDF, 148K) (Rev. 2004)
Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled
Publication 525(PDF, 297K) (Rev. 2004)
Taxable and Nontaxable Income
Publication 526(PDF, 182K) (Rev. 1203)
Charitable Contributions
Publication 527(PDF, 200K) (Rev. 2004)
Residential Rental Property (Including Rental of Vacation Homes)
Publication 529(PDF, 171K) (Rev. 2004)
Miscellaneous Deductions
Publication 530 (PDF, 123K) (Rev. 2004)
Tax Information for First-Time Homeowners
Publication 531(PDF, 97K) (Rev. 2004)
Reporting Tip Income
Publication 533(PDF, 154K) (Rev. 2004)
Self-Employment Tax
Publication 534(PDF, 212K) (Rev. 1195)
Depreciating Property Placed in Service Before 1987
Publication 535(PDF, 411K) (Rev. 2004)
Business Expenses
Publication 536 (PDF, 194K) (Rev. 2004)
Net Operating Losses
Publication 537(PDF, 187K) (Rev. 2004)
Installment Sales
Publication 538(PDF, 175K) (Rev. 0304)
Accounting Periods and Methods
Publication 541 (PDF, 263K) (Rev. 1104)
Publication 542 (PDF, 260K) (Rev. 1104)
Publication 547(PDF, 135K) (Rev. 2004)
Casualties, Disasters and Thefts
Publication 550 (PDF, 566K) (Rev. 2004)
Investment Income and Expenses
Publication 551(PDF, 98K) (Rev. 0502)
Basis of Assets
Publication 552(PDF, 71K) (Rev. 0405)
Recordkeeping For Individuals
Publication 553(PDF, 153K) (Rev. 0104)
Highlights of 2003 Tax Changes
Publication 554 (PDF, 182K) (Rev. 2004)
Older Americans' Tax Guide
Publication 555(PDF, 77K) (Rev. 0602)
Federal Tax Information on Community Property
Publication 556(PDF, 139K) (Rev. 0804)
Examination of Returns, Appeal Rights, and Claims for Refund
Publication 557(PDF, 428K) (Rev. 0305)
Tax-Exempt Status For Your Organization
Publication 560 (PDF, 215K) (Rev. 2004)
Retirement Plans for Small Business (SEP, SIMPLE, and Qualified Plans)
Publication 561(PDF, 103K) (Rev. 0200)
Determining the Value of Donated Property
Publication 564 (PDF, 149K) (Rev. 2004)
Mutual Fund Distributions
Publication 570 (PDF, 162K) (Rev. 2004)
Tax Guide for Individuals With Income From U.S. Possessions
Publication 571(PDF, 142K) (Rev. 1204)
Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plans (403(b) Plans) For Employees of Public Schools and Certain Tax-Exempt Organizations
Publication 575(PDF, 226K) (Rev. 2004)
Pension and Annuity Income (Including Simplified General Rule)
Publication 578(PDF, 5.4M) (Rev. 0189)
Tax Information for Private Foundations and Foundation Managers
Publication 583(PDF, 183K) (Rev. 1203)
Starting a Business and Keeping Records
Publication 584(PDF, 110K) (Rev. 0499)
Casualty, Disaster, and Theft Loss Workbook (Personal-Use Property)
Publication 584B(PDF, 67K) (Rev. 0301)
Casualty, Disaster, and Theft Loss Workbook
Publication 587(PDF, 214K) (Rev. 2004)
Business Use of Your Home
Publication 590(PDF, 468K) (Rev. 2004)
Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs)
Publication 590 Supplement(PDF, 79K) (Rev. 0602)
Supplement to Publication 590
Publication 593(PDF, 62K) (Rev. 0800)
Tax Highlights for U.S. Citizens and Residents Going Abroad
Publication 594(PDF, 133K) (Rev. 0204)
What You Should Know About The IRS Collection Process
Publication 595 (PDF, 180K) (Rev. 1104)
Tax Highlights for Commercial Fishermen
Publication 596 (PDF, 382K) (Rev. 2004)
Earned Income Credit
Publication 597(PDF, 53K) (Rev. 0502)
Information on the United States - Canada Income Tax Treaty
Publication 598(PDF, 167K) (Rev. 0305)
Tax on Unrelated Business Income of Exempt Organizations
Publication 600-A(PDF, 73K) (Rev. 2004)
Optional Alaska Local Sales Tax Table
Publicación 678PR(PDF, 1.3M) (Rev. 2004)
Volunteer Assistor's Guide Puerto Rico Supplement
Publication 678(PDF, 4.7M) (Rev. 2004)
Volunteer Assistor's Guide, Student Text
Publication 678-FS(PDF, 1.0M) (Rev. 2004)
Volunteer Assistor's Guide - Foreign Students & Scholars
Publication 678-M(PDF, 4.4M) (Rev. 2004)
Volunteer Assistors Guide-Military/International Student Text
Publication 686(PDF, 76K) (Rev. 0604)
Certification for Reduced Tax Rates in Tax Treaty Countries
Publication 721(PDF, 160K) (Rev. 2004)
Tax Guide to U.S. Civil Service Retirement Benefits
Publication 724(PDF, 437K) (Rev. 0801)
VITA brochure
Publication 729(PDF, 78K) (Rev. 0801)
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Poster
Publication 730(PDF, 551K) (Rev. 1204)
Important Tax Records Envelope (VITA/TCE)
Publication 733(PDF, 17K) (Rev. 1004)
Rewards for Information Given to the IRS
Publication 733 (SP)(PDF, 21K) (Rev. 0305)
Rewards for information provided by individuals to the Internal Revenue Service (Spanish Version)
Publication 783 (PDF, 38K) (Rev. 0305)
Instructions on how to apply for a Certificate of Discharge of Property From Federal Tax Lien
Publication 784 (PDF, 94K) (Rev. 0104)
How to Prepare Application for Certificate of Subordination of Federal Tax Lien
Publication 786(PDF, 9K) (Rev. 0603)
Notice of nonjudicial Sale of Property and Application for consent to sale
Publication 794(PDF, 232K) (Rev. 0701)
Favorable Determination Letter
Publication 850(PDF, 170K) (Rev. 1203)
English-Spanish Glossary of Words and Phrases Used in Publications Issued by the IRS
Publication 901(PDF, 319K) (Rev. 0504)
U.S. Tax Treaties
Publication 907(PDF, 56K) (Rev. 2004)
Tax Highlights for Persons with Disabilities
Publication 908(PDF, 677K) (Rev. 0796)
Tax Information on Bankruptcy
Publication 910(PDF, 652K) (Rev. 0104)
Guide to Free Tax Services
Publication 911 (PDF, 182K) (Rev. 1104)
Direct Sellers
Publication 915(PDF, 173K) (Rev. 2004)
Social Security Benefits and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits
Publication 919(PDF, 150K) (Rev. 1204)
How Do I Adjust My Tax Withholding?
Publication 925 (PDF, 239K) (Rev. 2004)
Passive Activity and At-Risk Rules
Publication 926 (PDF, 129K) (Rev. 1104)
Household Employers Tax Guide
Publication 929 (PDF, 236K) (Rev. 2004)
Tax Rules for Children and Dependents
Publication 936 (PDF, 141K) (Rev. 2004)
Home Mortgage Interest Deduction
Publication 938(PDF, 812K) (Rev. 0205)
Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits (REMICs) Reporting Infomation etc...
Publication 939(PDF, 254K) (Rev. 0697)
General Rule for Pensions and Annuities
Publication 946 (PDF, 535K) (Rev. 2004)
How To Depreciate Property
Publication 947(PDF, 148K) (Rev. 0504)
Practice Before the IRS and Power of Attorney
Publication 950(PDF, 43K) (Rev. 0904)
Introduction to Estate and Gift Taxes
Publication 954(PDF, 168K) (Rev. 0104)
Tax Incentives for Empowerment Zones and Other Distressed Communities
Publication 957(PDF, 77K) (Rev. 0997)
Reporting Back Pay to the Social Security Administration
Publicación 962-SP(PDF, 709K) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Spanish Stuffer
Publication 962 (PDF, 492K) (Rev. 0604)
Earned Income Tax Credit (Stuffer)
Publication 962-E(PDF, 684K) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Evergreen Stuffer
Publication 963(PDF, 563K) (Rev. 0305)
Federal-State Reference Guide
Publicación 966-SP(PDF, 274K) (Rev. 0503)
Now a Full Range of Electronic Choices to Pay all Your Federal Taxes
Publication 966(PDF, 643K) (Rev. 0901)
Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (Answers to the most commonly asked questions)
Publication 967(PDF, 39K) (Rev. 2004)
The IRS Will Figure Your Tax
Publication 968 (PDF, 61K) (Rev. 2004)
Tax Benefits for Adoption
Publication 969 (PDF, 124K) (Rev. 2004)
Health Savings Accounts and Other Tax-Favored Health Plans
Publication 970(PDF, 410K) (Rev. 2004)
Tax Benefits for Education
Publication 971(PDF, 164K) (Rev. 0304)
Innocent Spouse Relief
Publication 972(PDF, 147K) (Rev. 2004)
Child Tax Credit
Publication 1024(PDF, 83K) (Rev. 0104)
How to Prepare Application for Certificate of Nonattachment of Federal Tax Lien
Publication 1035(PDF, 154K) (Rev. 1299)
Extending the Tax Assessment Period
Publication 1045(PDF, 989K) (Rev. 2004)
Tax Professionals Guide to 2004 Federal Tax Products
Publicación 1066 SP(PDF, 8.4M) (Rev. 0204)
Small Business Tax Education Program Workshop Workbook (SP)
Publicación 1066B SP(PDF, 2.0M) (Rev. 0904)
Small Business Tax Education Program Workshop Workbook Supplemental Guide 2003 (Spanish version)
Publication 1066(PDF, 1.3M) (Rev. 1202)
Small Business Tax Workshop Workbook
Publication 1075(PDF, 270K) (Rev. 0600)
Tax Information Security Guidelines for Federal, State, and Local Agency
Publication 1101(PDF, 3.7M) (Rev. 0604)
2005 Application Package and Guidelines for Managing a TCE Program
Publication 1113-A(PDF, 116K) (Rev. 0904)
Tax Counseling for the Elderly (Poster)
Publication 1114(PDF, 436K) (Rev. 0801)
Tax Counseling for the Elderly.
Publication 1114 (PDF, 436K) (Rev. 0801)
VITA Brochure
Publication 1137(PDF, 57K) (Rev. 0101)
Toll Free and TeleTax Telephone Numbers
Publication 1141(PDF, 1.7M) (Rev. 0804)
General Rules and Specifications for Substitute Forms W-2 and W-3
Publication 1155(PDF, 4.1M) (Rev. 2004)
Volunteer Assistor's Guide, Instructor Guide
Publication 1155M(PDF, 4.8M) (Rev. 2004)
Volunteer Assistor's Guide-Military/International Instructor Text
Publication 1167(PDF, 958K) (Rev. 1104)
General Rules and Specifications for Substitute Forms and Schedules
Publication 1179(PDF, 1.4M) (Rev. 1004)
General Rules and Specifications for Substitute Forms 1096, 1098, 1099, 5498, W-2G, and 1042-S
Publication 1187(PDF, 1.5M) (Rev. 1104)
Specifications for filing forms 1042-S, Foreign Person's
Publication 1212(PDF, 496K) (Rev. 2004)
List of Original Issue Discount Instruments
Publication 1220(PDF, 1.3M) (Rev. 0904)
Specifications for Filing Forms 1098, 1099, 5498 and W-2G
Publication 1220(PDF, 1.1M) (Rev. 0702)
Specifications for filing Forms 1098, 1099, 5498 and W-2G Electronically or Magnetically
Publication 1223(PDF, 329K) (Rev. 0802)
General Rules and Specifications For Substitute Forms W-2c and W-3c
Publication 1235(PDF, 1.7M) (Rev. 0504)
Advance Earned Income Tax Credit Brochure
Publication 1239(PDF, 255K) (Rev. 1100)
Specifications for Filing Form 8027, Employer's Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips, Magnetically or Electronically
Publication 1244(PDF, 37K) (Rev. 0699)
Employee's Daily Record of Tips and Report to Employer
Publication 1245(PDF, 609K) (Rev. 0203)
Specifications for filing Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, Magnetically or Electronically
Publication 1246(PDF, 73K) (Rev. 0801)
VITA Recruitment Poster
Publication 1275(PDF, 2.0M) (Rev. 0899)
Volunteer Enhancement Brochure
Publication 1281(PDF, 619K) (Rev. 1002)
Backup Withholding On For Missing And Incorrect Name/TIN(s)
Publicación 1321(PDF, 53K) (Rev. 1204)
Special Instructions For Bona Fide Residents of Puerto Rico Who Must File A U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (Form 1040 or 1040A)
Publication 1345(PDF, 382K) (Rev. 1104)
Handbook for Authorized IRS e-file Providers of Individual Income Tax Returns
Publication 1345A(PDF, 12.1M) (Rev. 1204)
Filing Season Supplement for Authorized e-file Providers
Publication 1346(PDF, 1.4M) (Rev. 0903)
Electronic Return File Specifications for Individual Income Tax Returns
Publication 1375(PDF, 594K) (Rev. 0204)
Revenue Procedure 2004-1
Publication 1431(PDF, 831K) (Rev. 0803)
IRS Telephone Assistance
Publication 1436 (PDF, 12.0M) (Rev. 1004)
Test Package for Electronic Filers of Individual Tax Returns for TY 2004
Publication 1437(PDF, 426K) (Rev. 1004)
Procedures For Electronic and Magnetic Media Filing of U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts - Form 1041
Publication 1438(PDF, 2.8M) (Rev. 1204)
U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts for Tax Year 2004
Publication 1438(PDF, 1M) (Rev. 1204)
File Specifications, Validation Criteria and Record Layouts for the Electronic Filing Program for Form 1041, U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts for Tax Year 2002
Publication 1450(PDF, 24K) (Rev. 0904)
Instructions on How to Request a Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien
Publication 1457(PDF, 3.9M) (Rev. 0799)
Actuarial Values Book Aleph
Publication 1458(PDF, 3.1M) (Rev. 0799)
Actuarial Values Book Beth
Publication 1459(PDF, 543K) (Rev. 0799)
Actuarial Values Book Gimel
Publication 1474(PDF, 954K) (Rev. 1203)
Technical Specifications Guide For Reporting Agent Authorization For Magnetic Tape/Electronic Filers and Federal Tax Depositors
Publication 1494(PDF, 20K) (Rev. 2005)
Table for Figuring Amount Exempt from Levy on Wages, Salary, and Other Income---Forms 668-W(c) and 668-W(c)(DO)
Publication 1495-E(PDF, 1.6M) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Evergreen Poster
Publicación 1518(PDF, 1.2M) (Rev. 0305)
TEC Tax Calendar for Small Businesses and Self-Employed (Spanish version)
Publication 1518(PDF, 1.3M) (Rev. 1204)
IRS Tax Calendar 2005 for Small Businesses and Self-Employed
Publication 1524(PDF, 403K) (Rev. 1004)
Procedures and Specifications for the 1065 e-file Program
Publication 1525(PDF, 2.6M) (Rev. 1104)
Validation Criteria and Record Layouts for Electronic Filing of Form 1065
Publication 1542(PDF, 283K) (Rev. 0105)
Per Diem Rates (For Travel Within the Continental United States)
Publication 1544(PDF, 95K) (Rev. 0503)
Reporting Cash Payments of Over $10,000 (Received in a Trade or Business)
Publication 1546(PDF, 923K) (Rev. 0105)
The Taxpayer Advocate Service of the IRS - How to Get Help With Unresolved Tax Problems
Publication 1577(PDF, 112K) (Rev. 0699)
Applying for Educational Financial Aid
Publication 1582(PDF, 126K) (Rev. 1100)
Information Returns Vendor List
Publication 1586(PDF, 142K) (Rev. 0699)
Reasonable Cause Regulations and Requirements for Missing and Incorrect Name/TIN's
Publication 1586(PDF, 67K) (Rev. 1204)
Reasonable Cause Regulations and Requirements for Missing and Incorrect Name/TINs (including instructions for reading magnetic tape)
Publicación 1600SP(PDF, 131K) (Rev. 1004)
Disaster Losses: Help from the IRS (Spanish Version)
Publication 1600(PDF, 118K) (Rev. 1004)
Disaster Losses: Help from the IRS
Publication 1635(PDF, 1.1M) (Rev. 0704)
Understanding Your EIN
Publication 1660(PDF, 32K) (Rev. 0500)
Collection Appeal Rights
Publication 1679(PDF, 807K) (Rev. 1002)
A Guide To Backup Withholding For Missing and Incorrect Name / TIN(s)
Publication 1693(PDF, 103K) (Rev. 0305)
SSA/IRS Reporter
Publication 1759 ENG/SP(PDF, 221K) (Rev. 0205)
Advance Earned Income Tax Credit Poster
Publication 1762(PDF, 103K) (Rev. 0205)
Advance Earned Income Tax Credit Stuffer
Publication 1771 (PDF, 498K) (Rev. 0302)
Charitable Contributions-Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements
Publication 1779(PDF, 34K) (Rev. 1299)
Employee Independent Contractor Brochure
Publication 1803(PDF, 712K) (Rev. 0303)
Filing Federal and State Taxes Together
Publicación 1828SP(PDF, 1.3M) (Rev. 0903)
Guía tributaria para Iglesias y Organizaciones Religiosas
Publication 1828(PDF, 400K) (Rev. 0903)
Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations
Publication 1853(PDF, 93K) (Rev. 0599)
Small Business Talk
Publication 1855(PDF, 1.3M) (Rev. 0702)
Technical Specifications Guide for the Electronic Filing of Form 941 Employer's Quarterly Tax Return
Publication 1857(PDF, 122K) (Rev. 1104)
Alternative Ways of Filing Your Taxes Brochure
Publicación 1860SP(PDF, 67K) (Rev. 1003)
E-File Poster (Espanol)
Publication 1860(PDF, 385K) (Rev. 1004)
E-File Poster
Publicación 1872SP(PDF, 1.2M) (Rev. 0100)
Employee Tip Income Reporting Qs & As (Spanish Version)
Publication 1872(PDF, 229K) (Rev. 0599)
Tips on Tips - A Guide to Tip Income Reporting for Employees in the Food and Beverage Industry
Publication 1875(PDF, 210K) (Rev. 0599)
Employer/Tip Income Reporting
Publicación 1915(SP)(PDF, 575K) (Rev. 0504)
Entendiendo su IRS Numero de Identificacion Personal del Contribuyente ITIN
Publication 1915(PDF, 961K) (Rev. 0204)
Understanding Your IRS Indivdual Taxpayer Identification Number
Publication 1932(PDF, 505K) (Rev. 0105)
How to Make Correct Federal Tax Deposits (FTD)
Publication 1971(PDF, 85K) (Rev. 1103)
IRS e-file Benefits Stuffer (English and Spanish)
Publication 1974(PDF, 34K) (Rev. 0899)
Gaming Industry Audit Techniques
Publication 1976(PDF, 60K) (Rev. 0996)
Independent Contractor or Employee?
Publication 2043(PDF, 235K) (Rev. 1004)
IRS e-file 2005 Refund Cycle Chart
Publication 2053(PDF, 78K) (Rev. 2004)
Quick and Easy Access to IRS Tax Help and Tax Products
Publication 2053A(PDF, 38K) (Rev. 0405)
Quick and Easy Access to IRS Tax Help and Tax Products
Publication 2053-B(PDF, 69K) (Rev. 0405)
Join In The Programs
Publicación 2101SP(PDF, 123K) (Rev. 1103)
e-file Bookmark in Spanish
Publication 2101(PDF, 102K) (Rev. 1103)
e-file Bookmark
Publication 2104(PDF, 2.8M) (Rev. 1203)
National Taxpayer Advocate's - FY 2003 Annual Report to Congress
Publication 2105(PDF, 476K) (Rev. 1003)
Why do I have to pay taxes brochure
Publication 2108(PDF, 82K) (Rev. 1003)
Federal Agency TIN Matching Program
Publication 2108-A(PDF, 245K) (Rev. 0504)
e-Services On-Line TIN Matching Program
Publication 2181(PDF, 691K) (Rev. 0305)
Understanding Taxes: Just a Point and Click Away
Publicación 2183(PDF, 13K) (Rev. 0198)
IRS Customer Service Standards Annual Report 1997
Publication 2184(Fill-in PDF, 112K) (Rev. 2004)
Alternative Ways To Get Employment Tax Forms and Instructions
Publication 2188(PDF, 17K) (Rev. 1197)
Tax Item. Request for IRS to Figure Taxable Part of Annuity
Publication 2193(PDF, 244K) (Rev. 0702)
Should your financial portfolio include Too Good to be True Trusts?
Publication 2194(PDF, 879K) (Rev. 2004)
2004 Disaster Losses Kit for Individuals
Publication 2194B(PDF, 965K) (Rev. 2004)
2004 Disaster Losses Kit for Businesses
Publication 3007(PDF, 217K) (Rev. 1004)
Questions and Answers for Taxpayers
Publication 3008(PDF, 62K) (Rev. 1003)
IRS e-File Providers Window Sticker
Publication 3009(PDF, 62K) (Rev. 1003)
IRS e-File Provider Desk Sign
Publication 3010(PDF, 141K) (Rev. 1003)
e-File Sticker Sheet
Publication 3012(PDF, 133K) (Rev. 1101)
E-file Provider Placed Radio Ads-Refunds
Publication 3079(PDF, 370K) (Rev. 0498)
Gaming Publication for Tax-Exempt Organizations
Publication 3106(PDF, 52K) (Rev. 0602)
MSSP Overview of Imaging Reimbursement Program
Publication 3107(PDF, 1.0M) (Rev. 0202)
EITC Earned Income Tax Credit 2002 Tax Professional Guide (For Tax Year 2001 Returns)
Publication 3107E(PDF, 989K) (Rev. 1103)
EITC Toolkit for Tax Professionals - Tax Year 2003 and Beyond
Publication 3112(PDF, 598K) (Rev. 1104)
IRS e-file Application and Participation
Publication 3114(PDF, 29K) (Rev. 0998)
Compliance Checks
Publication 3115(PDF, 422K) (Rev. 0600)
Opportunities for Development of Tax Administrators, Programs
Publication 3125(PDF, 76K) (Rev. 0898)
An Important Message For Taxpayers With IRAs
Publication 3133(PDF, 880K) (Rev. 1003)
e-File Sell-In Sheet
Publication 3136(PDF, 245K) (Rev. 0105)
People 15 to 19 Years Old: You May Not be Required to Have Federal Tax Withheld
Publication 3137(PDF, 4.0M) (Rev. 0105)
People on a Pension: You May Not Be Required to Have Federal Tax Withheld
Publication 3138(PDF, 126K) (Rev. 1101)
IRS E-file Radio Ads-Payments
Publicación 3139SP (Espanol)(PDF, 86K) (Rev. 1003)
E-File Poster (Spanish)
Publication 3139(PDF, 369K) (Rev. 1004)
Poster - Refunds
Publication 3144(PDF, 213K) (Rev. 0305)
Tips on Tips (A Guide to Tip Income Reporting) for Employer
Publication 3148(PDF, 644K) (Rev. 0899)
A Guide to Tip Income Reporting for Employees Who Receive Tip Income
Publication 3151 (PDF, 1.1M) (Rev. 1001)
Understanding Federal Tax Deposits
Publication 3151-A(PDF, 2.2M) (Rev. 0801)
The ABCs of Federal Tax Deposits
Publication 3187(PDF, 1.8M) (Rev. 0105)
E-Strategy for Growth-Expanding e-Goverment for Taxpayers and Their Representatives
Publication 3194(PDF, 2.2M) (Rev. 2004)
Laminated Tax Forms for use at Self-service Copy Machines
Publication 3195(PDF, 106K) (Rev. 0105)
You May Not Need to File a 2004 Tax Return
Publication 3202(PDF, 33K) (Rev. 0600)
Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist (SCERS) Training Program for Foreign Tax Enforcement Officials
Publication 3203(PDF, 35K) (Rev. 0899)
Advanced Fraud Training Program Course Announcement
Publication 3204(PDF, 163K) (Rev. 0302)
Automotive Manufacturers Incentive Program
Publication 3211(PDF, 111K) (Rev. 0804)
EITC Q&A Brochure
Publication 3218(PDF, 299K) (Rev. 0499)
Report on the Application and Administration of Section 482
Publication 3319(PDF, 3.2M) (Rev. 0504)
Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics Grant Application Package Book
Publication 3326(PDF, 327K) (Rev. 0405)
2005 IRS Nationwide Tax Forum Registration Booklet
Publication 3328(PDF, 29K) (Rev. 0102)
How To File Your Child’s 2001 Tax Return - Information for Parents of Alaskan Children
Publication 3349(PDF, 2.8M) (Rev. 0100)
Modernizing America's Tax Agency
Publication 3357(PDF, 56K) (Rev. 0199)
Revenue Protection Strategy
Publication 3367(PDF, 794K) (Rev. 0299)
Tax Tips for Tax Professionals from the Fresno Service Center
Publication 3373(PDF, 159K) (Rev. 0302)
Disclosure of Information on Federal, State, and Local Agencies Handbook
Publication 3373(PDF, 161K) (Rev. 0302)
DIFSLA Handbook Disclosure of Information to Federal, State and Local Agencies Tax Year 2001
Publication 3385(PDF, 968K) (Rev. 0202)
Internal Revenue Service Annual Report Fiscal Year 2001
Publication 3386(PDF, 4.6M) (Rev. 0699)
Tax Guide - Veterans' Organization
Publication 3402 (PDF, 134K) (Rev. 0702)
Tax Issues for Limited Companies
Publication 3415(PDF, 208K) (Rev. 0603)
2003 Annual Report to Congress
Publication 3415(PDF, 372K) (Rev. 0604)
ETA Advisory Committee Annual Report to Congress
Publication 3416(PDF, 705K) (Rev. 1103)
1065 e-file Program U.S. Partnership Return for Tax Year 2000 (Pub 1525 Supplement)
Publication 3425(PDF, 2.0M) (Rev. 0901)
5 Easy Ways To Use EFTPS
Publication 3439(PDF, 34K) (Rev. 0899)
Transfer Pricing Seminar Course Announcement
Publication 3440(PDF, 34K) (Rev. 0899)
Training Center Management and Administration Seminar Course Announcement
Publication 3441(PDF, 33K) (Rev. 0600)
International Financial Fraud Training Program Course Announcement
Publication 3442(PDF, 35K) (Rev. 0600)
Computer Audit Specialist Training Program Course Announcement
Publication 3443(PDF, 33K) (Rev. 0600)
International Computer Evidence Analysis Training Program Course Announcement
Publication 3444(PDF, 34K) (Rev. 0899)
Financial Products Seminar Announcement
Publication 3449(PDF, 120K) (Rev. 1101)
Postcard - Refunds/Payments
Publication 3450(PDF, 62K) (Rev. 1101)
Postcard - Refunds/Payments Color
Publication 3451(PDF, 101K) (Rev. 1101)
Refund/Payment Drop-in Ads
Publication 3452(PDF, 356K) (Rev. 1004)
Q&A Newsletter for Tax Professionals
Publication 3453(PDF, 5.3M) (Rev. 1199)
Thank You for Not Filing
Publication 3498(PDF, 422K) (Rev. 0204)
The Examination Process
Publication 3512(PDF, 291K) (Rev. 0301)
Innocent Spouse Relief (Brochure)
Publication 3518(PDF, 296K) (Rev. 0204)
Beauty Industry Federal Tax Guidelines
Publication 3523(PDF, 438K) (Rev. 0103)
EITC in a Nutshell
Publication 3524(PDF, 497K) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Eligibility Checklist Poster for 2004
Publication 3524 SP(PDF, 175K) (Rev. 0205)
EITC Eligibilty Checklist Poster 2004--Spanish
Publication 3528(PDF, 67K) (Rev. 1199)
Financial Products Seminar Announcement
Publication 3536(PDF, 2.7M) (Rev. 0104)
Excise Tax Fuel Reporting EDI Guide
Publication 3559(PDF, 1.3M) (Rev. 0100)
The New IRS Stands Up What the Modernized Agency Means for You
Publication 3560(PDF, 85K) (Rev. 0100)
IRS Balanced Measurement System Comment Site
Publication 3561(PDF, 163K) (Rev. 0100)
Organizational Performance Management The IRS Balanced Measurement System
Publication 3598(PDF, 196K) (Rev. 0700)
What You Should Know About the Audit Reconsideration Process
Publication 3602(PDF, 482K) (Rev. 0703)
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
Publication 3605(PDF, 81K) (Rev. 0902)
Fast Track Mediation-A Process for Prompt Resolution of Tax Issues
Publication 3608(PDF, 63K) (Rev. 0903)
Tax Exempt Bonds Bookmark
Publication 3608(PDF, 142K) (Rev. 1004)
Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division
Publication 3609(PDF, 251K) (Rev. 1004)
The Filing Information Returns Electronically System (FIRE) Brochure
Publication 3611(PDF, 189K) (Rev. 1004)
Electronic Payments Brochure
Publication 3614(PDF, 29K) (Rev. 0500)
Application for Memorandum of Agreement - Debt Indicator
Publication 3618(PDF, 238K) (Rev. 0600)
Report on IRS National Taxpayer Advocate's FY 2001 Objectives
Publication 3636 (PDF, 58K) (Rev. 0803)
Employee Plans Brochure
Publication 3637 (PDF, 211K) (Rev. 0903)
Exempt Organization - Introductory Brochure
Publication 3669(PDF, 786K) (Rev. 0900)
CI Recruitment Flyer
Publication 3676(PDF, 296K) (Rev. 0803)
Vita e-file Poster
Publication 3676A(PDF, 408K) (Rev. 0904)
VITA E-File Poster - Small 11 x 14
Publication 3684(PDF, 191K) (Rev. 0900)
CI Recruitment Flyer
Publication 3685(PDF, 162K) (Rev. 0900)
CI Recruitment Flyer
Publication 3688(PDF, 155K) (Rev. 0900)
CI Recruitment Flyer
Publication 3698(PDF, 795K) (Rev. 1101)
TEC Mission Brochure
Publication 3698A(PDF, 88K) (Rev. 0702)
Taxpayer Education & Communication Telephone List
Publication 3706(PDF, 751K) (Rev. 1000)
CI Recruitment Brochure
Publication 3715(PDF, 1.2M) (Rev. 1002)
940e-file Program with 940 OLF (On-Line Filing) Option
Publication 3722(PDF, 174K) (Rev. 0604)
EFTPS Poster
Publication 3738(PDF, 270K) (Rev. 0101)
Free Internet Filing - Request for Information (RFI) Results and Analysis
Publication 3747(PDF, 1.4M) (Rev. 0704)
Office at Indian Tribal Governments (Brochure)
Publication 3749(PDF, 225K) (Rev. 0504)
Employee Plans News
Publication 3755(PDF, 142K) (Rev. 0501)
Tax Exempt Bonds- Filing Requirements
Publication 3780(PDF, 772K) (Rev. 1103)
Tax Information for Small Construction Businesses
Publicación 3806-SP(PDF, 173K) (Rev. 0503)
The Easiest Way to Pay Your Federal Taxes for Individual Taxpayers
Publication 3806(PDF, 1.7M) (Rev. 0901)
The Easiest Way to Pay Your Federal Taxes for Individual Taxpayers
Publicación 3809(SP)(PDF, 118K) (Rev. 0502)
Federal, State and Local Governments brochure
Publication 3809(PDF, 51K) (Rev. 0802)
Federal, State and Local Governments Brochure
Publication 3823(PDF, 1.6M) (Rev. 0503)
Employment Tax e-file System Implementation and User Guide
Publication 3826(PDF, 440K) (Rev. 1002)
EFTPS Brochure
Publication 3830(PDF, 385K) (Rev. 0904)
Business Return Preparers and Business Owner Surveys for Form 941
Publication 3831(PDF, 808K) (Rev. 0401)
Qualitative Research with Users and Non-users of TeleFile
Publication 3833(PDF, 519K) (Rev. 0302)
Disaster Relief
Publication 3835(PDF, 153K) (Rev. 0803)
Customer Account Services Brochure
Publication 3847 (PDF, 1.7M) (Rev. 0604)
Annual Business Report 2003
Publication 3848(PDF, 559K) (Rev. 0701)
Tax Professionals "File Smart" File Electronic
Publication 3848A(PDF, 825K) (Rev. 1001)
IRS e-file for Business
Publication 3857(PDF, 416K) (Rev. 0302)
If You Suspect False Information
Publication 3857A(PDF, 446K) (Rev. 0302)
If You Suspect False Information
Publication 3861(PDF, 802K) (Rev. 0701)
Criminal Investigation--- Legal Source Tax Crimes Program Strategy
Publication 3864(PDF, 761K) (Rev. 0204)
Tax Facts for Seniors with a Change in Marital Status
Publication 3865(PDF, 174K) (Rev. 0702)
Your Money Matters: Tax Information for Survivors of Domestic Abuse Tax Information for Survivors of Domestic Abuse
Publication 3867(PDF, 870K) (Rev. 1004)
IRS e-File Current Providers Brochure
Publicación 3888 (SP)(PDF, 1.6M) (Rev. 1104)
C-VITA (Spanish version)
Publication 3889(PDF, 113K) (Rev. 0901)
Something New for 1040 ES Taxpayers
Publication 3908 (PDF, 875K) (Rev. 0502)
Gaming Tax Law for Indian Tribal Governments
Publication 3909(PDF, 303K) (Rev. 0402)
IRS e-file for Business Fact Sheets and Q&As
Publication 3909F(PDF, 144K) (Rev. 0402)
IRS e-file for Business Q&As
Publication 3910(PDF, 21K) (Rev. 1101)
Questions and Answers about e-file for Business Products
Publication 3920 (PDF, 132K) (Rev. 0202)
Tax Relief for Victims of Terrorist Attacks
Publication 3921(PDF, 231K) (Rev. 0901)
Help from the IRS for Those Affected by the Terrorist Attacks on America
Publication 3922(PDF, 1M) (Rev. 1004)
C-VITA Supplemental Training Guide
Publication 3927(PDF, 360K) (Rev. 0504)
Community Based Partnerships - "Coming Together To Strengthen Communities"
Publication 3932(PDF, 20K) (Rev. 1202)
Casualty Losses - Document List
Publication 3935(PDF, 375K) (Rev. 0205)
2004 Customer Satisfaction Survey for Information Returns 990/990EZ e-file
Publication 3948(PDF, 120K) (Rev. 0803)
Ready For a Tax Break? - Stuffer
Publication 3949(PDF, 251K) (Rev. 0904)
Ready for a Tax Break? (Poster)
Publication 3950(PDF, 452K) (Rev. 0104)
Zero Wage Return Invitational Insert for Form 941 filers
Publication 3953(PDF, 193K) (Rev. 0102)
Q & As About Tax Court Proceedings for Determination of Employment Status Under IRC Section 7436
Publication 3954(PDF, 113K) (Rev. 0704)
EITC Bag Art--Tax Year 2004 (English & Spanish)
Publicación 3961 (ENG/SP)(PDF, 61K) (Rev. 1004)
The Child Tax Credit-English & Spanish
Publication 3961(PDF, 40K) (Rev. 1004)
Child Tax Credit - Stuffer
Publication 3965(PDF, 415K) (Rev. 1004)
Got Kids? You May be Able to Take the Child Tax Credit
Publication 3966(PDF, 924K) (Rev. 0704)
Life Cycle: Living and Working with Disabilities
Publication 3991(PDF, 153K) (Rev. 0502)
Highlights of the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002
Publication 3995(PDF, 1.5M) (Rev. 0803)
Recognizing Illegal Tax Avoidance Schemes
Publication 3998 (PDF, 664K) (Rev. 0702)
Choosing a Retirement Solution for your Small Business
Publication 4003(PDF, 115K) (Rev. 0503)
Quick Alerts New Brochure
Publication 4011(PDF, 264K) (Rev. 2004)
2004 IRS Volunteer Quick Reference Guide
Publication 4025(PDF, 645K) (Rev. 0702)
Your Civil Rights are Protected
Publicación 4034SP(PDF, 418K) (Rev. 0903)
Tax Exempt Bonds Brochure
Publication 4034(PDF, 861K) (Rev. 0803)
Tax Exempt Bonds Brochure
Publication 4035(PDF, 1.7M) (Rev. 0803)
Home-Based Business Tax Avoidance Schemes
Publication 4048(PDF, 219K) (Rev. 0204)
EFTPS Penalty Stuffer
Publication 4053(PDF, 644K) (Rev. 0702)
Your Civil Rights are Protected
Publication 4066(PDF, 70K) (Rev. 1103)
EFTPS Frequently Asked Questions
Publication 4068(PDF, 74K) (Rev. 0902)
If You Make More Than One Tax Payment a Year, EFTPS is For You.
Publication 4072(PDF, 283K) (Rev. 1004)
Business e-File Providers
Publication 4077(PDF, 3.9M) (Rev. 0104)
Tax-Exempt Bonds for 501(c)(3) Charitable Organizations
Publication 4078(PDF, 9.1M) (Rev. 0504)
Tax Exempt Private Activity Bonds Compliance Guide
Publication 4079(PDF, 727K) (Rev. 0403)
TAX-Exempt Governmental Bonds - Compliance Guide
Publication 4081(PDF, 1.5M) (Rev. 0802)
Employee Income Tax Withholding
Publication 4117(PDF, 389K) (Rev. 1004)
Additional Child Tax Credit
Publication 4118(PDF, 443K) (Rev. 0903)
TEGE Lots of Benefits Brochure
Publication 4119A(PDF, 299K) (Rev. 0105)
EO Small and Mid-Sized Workshop Invitations-Houston
Publication 4119B(PDF, 299K) (Rev. 0105)
EO Small and Mid-Sized Workshop Invitations-Ft Lee NJ
Publication 4119C(PDF, 299K) (Rev. 0105)
EO Small and Mid-Sized Workshop Invitations-San Francisco
Publication 4119D(PDF, 299K) (Rev. 0105)
EO Small and Mid-Sized Workshop Invitations-Cleveland OH
Publication 4119E(PDF, 299K) (Rev. 0105)
EO Small and Mid-Sized Workshop Invitations-Arlington VA
Publication 4119F(PDF, 299K) (Rev. 0105)
EO Small and Mid-Sized Workshop Invitations-Charlotte
Publication 4126(PDF, 424K) (Rev. 0903)
EFTPS Financial Institution Stuffer
Publicación 4128-SP(PDF, 178K) (Rev. 0104)
El Impacto De Los Impuesto Sobre Pa Peridida Del Trabajo
Publication 4128(PDF, 224K) (Rev. 0405)
Tax Impact of Job Loss
Publication 4130(PDF, 429K) (Rev. 0403)
EFTPS Financial Institution Kit
Publication 4131(PDF, 163K) (Rev. 0404)
EFTPS/E-File Factsheet
Publication 4132(PDF, 1M) (Rev. 0503)
EFTPS Online Factsheet
Publication 4134 (PDF, 126K) (Rev. 0203)
Low Income Taxpayer Clinics
Publication 4138(PDF, 699K) (Rev. 0104)
EITC Return Preparer Strategy Brochure
Publication 4141(PDF, 62K) (Rev. 0103)
IRA Required Minimum Distribution Rules
Publication 4143(PDF, 2.9M) (Rev. 1103)
Learning the Art of Doing Business-Student Guide
Publication 4143A(PDF, 166K) (Rev. 1103)
Learning the Art of Doing Business-Instructor Guide
Publication 4146(PDF, 166K) (Rev. 0203)
Internal Revenue Agent - How to Qualify
Publication 4147(PDF, 171K) (Rev. 0203)
Applying for an Internal Revenue Agent Position
Publication 4149(PDF, 169K) (Rev. 0203)
Internal Revenue Agent Career Opportunities
Publication 4152(PDF, 562K) (Rev. 0105)
Electronic Tool-Kit for Non-Resident Alien VITA Sites
Publicación 4156-SP(PDF, 199K) (Rev. 0803)
Life Cycle Series: Birth through Childhood
Publication 4156(PDF, 178K) (Rev. 0803)
Life Cycle Series: Birth through Childhood
Publication 4161(PDF, 306K) (Rev. 0503)
Federal Tax Guidelines for the Cosmetology and Barbering Industry
Publication 4162(PDF, 7.3M) (Rev. 2004)
Modernized e-File Test Package for Forms 1120/1120S for Tax Year 2004
Publication 4163(PDF, 688K) (Rev. 0104)
Modernized e-File Information for Authorized IRS e-file Providers of Forms 1120/1120S Tax Year 2003
Publication 4163(PDF, 1.4M) (Rev. 2004)
Modernized e-file Handbook for Authorized e-file Providers for Form 1120/1120S
Publication 4164(PDF, 1.9M) (Rev. 0104)
Modernized e-File Guide for Software Developers and Transmitters
Publication 4164(PDF, 2.6M) (Rev. 2004)
Modernized e-file Guide for Software Developers and Transmitters
Publication 4170(PDF, 73K) (Rev. 0903)
EFTPS Business Financial Institution Stuffer
Publication 4175(PDF, 69K) (Rev. 0303)
Employment Opportunities with TE/GE
Publication 04176(PDF, 52K) (Rev. 0503)
The IRS e-file Process: Managing Your Workflow
Publication 04177(PDF, 52K) (Rev. 0503)
Getting Ready to Use IRS e-file
Publication 4184(PDF, 274K) (Rev. 0503)
EFTPS Forum Booth Registration card
Publication 4194 B(PDF, 57K) (Rev. 0803)
General EITC Requirements
Publication 4195 B(PDF, 123K) (Rev. 0803)
General EITC Requirements - Tent Card
Publication 4196 B(PDF, 56K) (Rev. 0803)
The Four Most Common EITC Filing Errors
Publication 4197(PDF, 285K) (Rev. 0603)
Avoid the most common EITC mistakes
Publication 4207(PDF, 280K) (Rev. 0904)
Findings from the 2003 Wave of Form 1065 e-File Customer Satisfaction Survey
Publication 4208(PDF, 309K) (Rev. 0603)
Findings From the Pre-Wave of the e-file Advertising Tracking Study
Publication 4209(PDF, 1.0M) (Rev. 0603)
Findings From The 2003 Wave of the e-fileTaxpayer Attitudinal Tracking Study
Publication 4210(PDF, 1.3M) (Rev. 0604)
Nationwide Analysis for TY 2002
Publication 4215(PDF, 3.7M) (Rev. 0804)
Political Organization Filing and Disclosure Search Process User Guide
Publication 4216(PDF, 2.0M) (Rev. 0603)
Political Organization Filing and Disclosure, Filing Process User Guide
Publication 4216(PDF, 195K) (Rev. 0703)
Draft Excerpts from Form 1040 Family of Instructions (including Schedule Instructions)
Publication 4220(PDF, 292K) (Rev. 0903)
Applying for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status
Publication 4221 (PDF, 306K) (Rev. 0903)
Compliance Guide for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organizations
Publication 4222(PDF, 864K) (Rev. 0903)
401(K) Plans for Small Business
Publication 4224(PDF, 333K) (Rev. 0703)
Retirement Plan Correction Programs Pamphlet
Publication 4230(PDF, 118K) (Rev. 1003)
Auto Dealership Demonstrator Vehicles (Federal Income Tax Guidelines)
Publicación 4233-SP(PDF, 47K) (Rev. 0903)
The Advance Child Tax Credit Stuffer (English/Spanish)
Publication 4235(PDF, 23K) (Rev. 0305)
Technical Services (Advisory) Group Addresses
Publication 4240(PDF, 251K) (Rev. 1004)
New Business e-file Products Flyer
Publication 4241(PDF, 483K) (Rev. 0704)
Findings From the 2004 e-file Taxpayer Satisfaction Study
Publication 4242(PDF, 441K) (Rev. 0803)
Findings From the 2002-2003 e-file Advertising Tracking Study
Publication 4244(PDF, 75K) (Rev. 1203)
ITIN Outreach Flyer
Publication 4245(PDF, 106K) (Rev. 0504)
Power of Attorney Preparation Guide
Publicación 4256 SP(PDF, 876K) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Qualification Spanish Brochure for 2004
Publication 4256(PDF, 911K) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Qualification Brochure for 2004
Publicación 4257 SP(PDF, 998K) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Spanish Requirements Poster for 2004
Publication 4257(PDF, 1M) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Requirements Poster for 2004
Publicación 4261(SP)(PDF, 121K) (Rev. 0604)
Do You Have a Foreign Bank Account? (Spanish)
Publication 4261(PDF, 137K) (Rev. 0104)
Do You Have a Foreign Bank Account?
Publication 4261 (Korean)(PDF, 394K) (Rev. 0604)
Do You Have a Foreign Bank Account? (Mandarin)
Publication 4261 (Mandarin)(PDF, 354K) (Rev. 0604)
Do You Have a Foreign Bank Account? (Korean)
Publication 4262(PDF, 154K) (Rev. 0104)
Site Identification Flyer
Publication 4262A(PDF, 136K) (Rev. 0104)
Site Identification Poster
Publication 4263-A(PDF, 117K) (Rev. 0405)
Managing Your Small Business Taxes-SB/SE Business Line Products
Publication 4263-B(PDF, 154K) (Rev. 0405)
Recognizing Tax Schemes-SB/SE Business Line Products
Publication 4263-C(PDF, 165K) (Rev. 0405)
IRS e-file for Business and EFTPS-SB/SE Business Line Products
Publication 4263-D(PDF, 132K) (Rev. 0405)
Reporting Tip Income-SB/SE Business Line Products
Publication 4263-E(PDF, 148K) (Rev. 0405)
Small Business Tax Workshops-SB/SE Business Line Products
Publication 4263-G(PDF, 182K) (Rev. 0405)
Spanish Tax Products and Services-SB/SE Business Line Products
Publication 4267(PDF, 109K) (Rev. 0405)
Indian Tribal Governments News Eastern
Publication 4267-A(PDF, 112K) (Rev. 0405)
Indian Tribal Governments News- Alaska
Publication 4267-B(PDF, 99K) (Rev. 0405)
Indian Tribal Governments News- Oklahoma
Publication 4267-C(PDF, 138K) (Rev. 0405)
Indian Tribal Governments - Great Lakes
Publication 4267-D(PDF, 86K) (Rev. 0405)
Indian Tribal Governements- Great Plains
Publication 4267-E(PDF, 405K) (Rev. 0405)
Indian Tribal Governments- Pacific Northwest
Publication 4267-F(PDF, 101K) (Rev. 0405)
Indian Tribal Govenments- Southwest
Publication 4267-G(PDF, 285K) (Rev. 0405)
Indian Tribal Governments- Western
Publication 4268(PDF, 3577K) (Rev. 0104)
Indian Tribal Government Employment Tax Guide
Publication 4269(PDF, 382K) (Rev. 1203)
I Speak - Language Identification Flashcard
Publication 4274(PDF, 1.4M) (Rev. 0104)
Express Enrollment Briefing Guide
Publication 4275(PDF, 73K) (Rev. 0104)
Express Enrollment for New Businesses-IRS Customer Service Scripts
Publication 4276(PDF, 94K) (Rev. 0104)
Express Enrollment Q&A's
Publication 4277(PDF, 76K) (Rev. 0104)
Express Enrollment Information Sheet
Publication 4278(PDF, 257K) (Rev. 0504)
Retirement News for Employers
Publication 4283(PDF, 160K) (Rev. 0704)
U.S. Return of Partnership Income Brochure
Publication 4284(PDF, 40K) (Rev. 0504)
Simple IRA Checklist
Publication 4285(PDF, 38K) (Rev. 0504)
Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Checklist
Publication 4286(PDF, 117K) (Rev. 0504)
SARSEP Checklist
Publication 4297(PDF, 2M) (Rev. 0304)
Industry Issue Resolution Program
Publication 4298(PDF, 398K) (Rev. 0904)
EITC/e-file/Child Tax Credit Bus Poster
Publication 4299(PDF, 251K) (Rev. 1104)
Privacy and Confidentiality - A Public Trust
Publication 4300(PDF, 136K) (Rev. 0704)
Something New for 1065 Partnerships Brochure
Publication 4301(PDF, 121K) (Rev. 0704)
Form 1065 Partnership Article
Publication 4302(PDF, 230K) (Rev. 0804)
A Charity's Guide To Car Donations
Publication 4302-A(PDF, 59K) (Rev. 0105)
Attention: The IRS is Revising Publication 4302, A Charity's Guide to Car Donations
Publication 4303(PDF, 318K) (Rev. 0804)
A Donor's Guide To Car Donations
Publication 4303-A(PDF, 58K) (Rev. 0105)
Attention: The IRS is Revising Publication 4303, A Donor's Guide to Car Donations
Publication 4320(PDF, 1.2M) (Rev. 0504)
EFTPS Catalog Order Form
Publication 4324(PDF, 231K) (Rev. 0904)
Employee Plans Examination Flowchart
Publicación 4327 (ENG/SP)(PDF, 402K) (Rev. 0704)
ITIN Bilingual Brochure (English & Spanish versions)
Publication 4334(PDF, 87K) (Rev. 0904)
SIMPLE IRA Publication
Publication 4336(PDF, 196K) (Rev. 1004)
Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pension (SARSEP) Brochure
Publicación 4338 SP(PDF, 69K) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Taxpayer Reminder Postcard--Spanish
Publication 4338 (PDF, 74K) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Taxpayer Reminder Postcards
Publicación 4339 SP(PDF, 19K) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Tax Practitioner Close Out Post In Note (Spanish)
Publication 4339 (PDF, 50K) (Rev. 0604)
EITC Tax Practitioner Close Out Post In Note
Publication 4344(PDF, 3.2M) (Rev. 0504)
Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities (ACT)
Publication 4345 (PDF, 63K) (Rev. 0604)
Settlements - Taxability
Publication 4347(PDF, 440K) (Rev. 0604)
Customer Satisfaction Study for IRS Form 941 Telefile
Publication 4350(PDF, 883K) (Rev. 0604)
Findings From the One-on-One e-file Research Among Taxpayers & Preparers
Publication 4351(PDF, 600K) (Rev. 0604)
Findings From the 2003 e-file Practitioner Attitudinal Tracking Study
Publication 4387(PDF, 457K) (Rev. 0904)
2004 Customer Satisfaction Survey for Form 1041 e-file –The U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates & Trusts
Publication 4389(PDF, 182K) (Rev. 0305)
e-services Brochure
Publication 4391(PDF, 47K) (Rev. 0904)
Volunteer Privacy Statement (Stuffer)
Publication 4393 (ENG/SP)(PDF, 239K) (Rev. 1204)
Become an IRS ITIN Acceptance Agent (English and Spanish)
Publication 4395(PDF, 2.2M) (Rev. 0205)
Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) Resource Guide for Small Business and Individuals
Publication 4405(PDF, 341K) (Rev. 1004)
Have You Had Your "Check-Up" This Year
Publication 4406(PDF, 655K) (Rev. 1004)
Plan Feature Comparisons-403(b) and 457 Plans
Publication 4407(PDF, 433K) (Rev. 0904)
SARSEP, Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pension, Key Issues and Assistance
Publication 4416(PDF, 455K) (Rev. 0904)
2004 Customer Satisfaction Survey for Form 1120S e-file –The U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return For An “S” Corporation
Publication 4417(PDF, 458K) (Rev. 0904)
2004 Customer Satisfaction Survey for Form 1120 e-file –The U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return
Publication 4425(PDF, 2.7M) (Rev. 0804)
FY04 Nationwide Analysis BMF
Publication 4431(PDF, 388K) (Rev. 0904)
Practitioner Business Impact Study
Publication 4446(PDF, 484K) (Rev. 0105)
IRS' best Web sites, phone numbers and other useful info for your constituents
Publication 4451(PDF, 1.8M) (Rev. 0105)
Findings From the Pre-Wave of the 2004-05 Taxpayer Communication Tracking Study
Publication 4452(PDF, 228K) (Rev. 0405)
IRS e-file for Corporations , Forms 1120/1120S
Publication 4453(PDF, 272K) (Rev. 0405)
IRS e-file for Exempt Organizations, Forms 990/990-EZ
Publication 4456(PDF, 842K) (Rev. 0105)
Findings From the Pre-Wave of the 2004-05 Practitioner Communications Tracking Study
Publication 4457(PDF, 650K) (Rev. 0405)
Business e-file & e-pay Options Tax Product Suite
Publication 4458(PDF, 235K) (Rev. 0405)
IRS e-file for Form 1041 Estates and Trusts
Publication 4813(PDF, 377K) (Rev. 0503)
EFTPS Online Education Handout
Publication 8160E(PDF, 1.4M) (Rev. 1101)
Finally...a Way to File Your Taxes Without Paper

2004 Forms - Fill-In Version - PDF | 2004 Individual Income Tax Forms & Instructions - PDF
2004 Publications - PDF | 2004 Publications - HTML Format
2004 Instructions - HTML Format

All IRS Tax Forms Listed in Numerical Order on One Page

2004 Business Income Tax Forms & Instructions - PDF | 2004 Administration Forms
2004 Spanish Language Forms, Instructions & Publications | 2004 Estates & Trusts
2004 IRS Information Returns, Forms, & Instructions, such as W-2s, 1099s, etc.
2004 IRA Forms, Retirement Plans & Exempt Organizations

2005 IRS Information Returns, Forms, & Instructions, such as W-2s, 1099s, etc.

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