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Each listing below shows the name of the file, its file size, and its official revision date. Most all files in this section are updated yearly, and will have 1992 as the most recent revision. Forms that are revised periodically will show the revision date below numerically; e.g. a Revision date of 1192 means November 1992.

PDF Category: Publication
Publication 15 (PDF, 908K)  
(Rev. 0193) 
Circular E - Employer's Tax Guide
Publication 51 (PDF, 673K)  
(Rev. 1192) 
(Circular A), Agricultural Employer's Tax Guide
Publication 493 (PDF, 453K)  
(Rev. 0193) 
Alternative Tax Withholding Methods and Tables
Publication 1045 (PDF, 175K)  
(Rev. 1992) 
Tax Professionals Guide to 2004 Federal Tax Products
Publication 1407 (PDF, 1207K)  
(Rev. 0792) 
Federal Tax Forms Advance Proof Copies
Publication 1407-A (PDF, 864K)  
(Rev. 0892) 
Federal Tax Forms Advance Proof Copies

1992 Individual Income Tax Forms & Instructions - PDF
1992 Business Income Tax Forms & Instructions - PDF
1992 Publications - PDF 1992 Administration Forms
1992 Spanish Language Forms, Instructions & Publications
1992 Estates & Trusts
1992 IRA Forms, Retirement Plans & Exempt Organizations
1992 IRS Information Returns, Forms, & Instructions, such as W-2s, 1099s, etc.

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