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Press Release #105-281

Roth Releases Chairman's Mark

WASHINGTON -- Senate Finance Committee Chairman William V. Roth, Jr. (R-DE) Thursday night released his Chairman's Mark of the IRS reform bill, including a description of the offsets.

"Like the House IRS reform bill, the mark is fully offset for the first five years," Roth stated. "My bill expands the House bill significantly and offers taxpayers comprehensive relief from IRS abuses. It is critically important that it doesn't get hung up on controversial offsets. Therefore, I have chosen four offsets that are non-controversial, two of which have been previously approved by the Finance Committee."

The Finance Committee is not required to offset the second five years of revenue measures it reports out.

Roth's IRS reform bill is the most comprehensive overhaul of the Internal Revenue Service ever proposed. It will protect taxpayers by increasing oversight of the agency, holding employees accountable for their actions and creating a new arsenal of taxpayer protections.

The revenue tables will be available on Friday.

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