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Pub. 947, Practice Before the IRS and Power of Attorney 2007 Tax Year



Actuaries, Glossary
Application for enrollment, Form 23.
Assistance (see Tax help)
Associations, Corporations, associations, partnerships, and other persons that are not individuals.
Attorney-in-fact, Glossary
Attorneys, Attorneys., Glossary
Authorization letter, Authorization for Special Appearances


CAF (see Centralized Authorization File (CAF))
CAF number, Authorization for Special Appearances, Glossary
Centralized Authorization File (CAF), Glossary
Certified public accountants (CPAs), Certified public accountants (CPAs)., Glossary
Comments, Comments and suggestions.
Commissioner, Glossary
Confidentiality privilege, Confidentiality privilege.
Confidentiality privilege:
Protected communication, Communications that are protected.
Corporations, Corporations, associations, partnerships, and other persons that are not individuals.
CPAs (see Certified public accountants (CPAs))


Disbarment, Suspension and disbarment., Censure, Disbarments, and Suspensions
Disreputable conduct, Disreputable Conduct
Durable power of attorney, Glossary


FAX copies, FAX copies.
Fiduciary, Glossary
Form 23, Form 23.
Form 2587, Form 2587.
Form 2848, Form Required, Preparation of Form — Helpful Hints, How Do I Fill Out Form 2848?
Form 8554, Form 8554.
Free tax services, How To Get Tax Help


General power of attorney, Glossary
Glossary, Introduction, Terms you may need to know (see Glossary):, Terms you may need to know (see Glossary):, Glossary
Government officer and employee, Glossary


Help (see Tax help)


Inactive retirement status, Inactive retirement status.
Inactive roster, Inactive roster.
Incapacity or incompetency, Incapacity or incompetency.


Limited power of attorney, Glossary
Loss of eligibility
Failure to meet requirements, Failure to meet requirements.
Loss of eligibility:, Loss of Eligibility


More information (see Tax help)


Non-IRS powers of attorney, Reminders, Non-IRS powers of attorney.
Nonwritten consent, Nonwritten consents.


Office of Professional Responsibility, Practice Before the IRS


Representation outside the United States, Representation Outside the United States
Restrictions, Restrictions
Rules of practice
Confidentiality privilege, Confidentiality privilege.
Due diligence, Due diligence.
Duties, Duties
Duty to advise, Duty to advise.
Restrictions, Restrictions
Rules of practice:, What Are the Rules of Practice?


Tax help, How To Get Tax Help
Tax matters partner, Tax matters partner or person (TMP).
Tax matters person, Tax matters partner or person (TMP).
Taxpayer Advocate, Contacting your Taxpayer Advocate.
Termination, Incapacity or incompetency.
Third party designee, What's New, Third party designee.
TTY/TDD information, How To Get Tax Help


Unenrolled individuals
Employee, Other unenrolled individuals.
Family member, Other unenrolled individuals.
Fiduciary, Other unenrolled individuals.
Individual, Other unenrolled individuals.
Officer, Other unenrolled individuals.
Partner, Other unenrolled individuals.
Unenrolled individuals:, Other unenrolled individuals.
Unenrolled return preparers, Unenrolled return preparers.


Where to file
Chart, ,
Where to file:, Where To File a Power of Attorney

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