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Pub. 4492, Information for Taxpayers Affected by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma 2007 Tax Year



Affected taxpayer, Affected taxpayer.


Earned income credit, Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit
Education credits, Education Credits
Eligible retirement plan, Eligible retirement plan.
Employee retention credit, Employee Retention Credit
Exemption, additional for housing, Additional Exemption for Housing Individuals Displaced by Hurricane Katrina


Federal mortgage subsidy, recapture of, Recapture of Federal Mortgage Subsidy
Food inventory, charitable deduction for, Charitable Deduction for Contributions of Food Inventory


Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone, Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone (Core Disaster Area)


How to get, How To Get Tax Help
Phone number, How To Get Tax Help
Special IRS assistance, How To Get Tax Help
Website, How To Get Tax Help
Hope credit (see Education credits)
Hurricane Katrina disaster area, Hurricane Katrina Disaster Area
Hurricane Katrina housing credit, Hurricane Katrina Housing Credit
Hurricane Rita disaster area, Hurricane Rita Disaster Area (Rita Covered Disaster Area)
Hurricane Wilma disaster area, Hurricane Wilma Disaster Area


Involuntary conversion (see Replacement period for nonrecognition of gain)
IRAs and other retirement plans, IRAs and Other Retirement Plans


Lifetime learning credit (see Education credits)


Mileage reimbursements, charitable volunteers, Mileage Reimbursements to Charitable Volunteers


Net operating losses, Net Operating Losses


Qualified GO Zone loss, Qualified GO Zone loss.
Qualified hurricane distribution, Qualified hurricane distribution.


Reforestation costs, Reforestation Costs
Rehabilitation tax credit, Increase in Rehabilitation Tax Credit
Relocation, temporary, Tax Relief for Temporary Relocation
Replacement period for nonrecognition of gain, Replacement Period for Nonrecognition of Gain
Retirement plan, eligible, Eligible retirement plan.
Retirement plans, IRAs and Other Retirement Plans
Rita GO Zone, Rita GO Zone


Section 179 deduction, Increased Section 179 Deduction
Standard mileage rate, charitable use, Standard Mileage Rate for Charitable Use of Vehicles


Tax return:
Request for copy, Request for copy of tax return.
Request for transcript, Request for transcript of tax return.
Taxpayer Advocate, Contacting your Taxpayer Advocate.
Temporary relocation, Tax Relief for Temporary Relocation
Theft losses, Casualty and Theft Losses
5-year NOL carryback, 5-year NOL carryback of certain timber losses.
Reforestation costs, Reforestation Costs
Transcript of tax return, request for, Request for transcript of tax return.


Wilma GO Zone, Wilma GO Zone
Work opportunity credit, Work Opportunity Credit

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