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Illustrated Example Using Form 2106-EZ

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Victor Jones teaches math at a private high school in North Carolina. He was selected to attend a 3-week math seminar at a university in California. The seminar will improve his skills in his current job and is qualifying education. He was reimbursed for his expenses under his employer's nonaccountable plan, so his reimbursement of $2,100 is included in the wages shown on his Form W-2. Victor will file Form 1040.

His actual expenses for the seminar are as follows:

Lodging $1,050  
Meals 526  
Airfare 550  
Taxi fares 50  
Tuition and books 400  
Total Expenses $2,576  

Because Victor's reimbursement was included in his income, he files Form 2106-EZ with his tax return. He shows his expenses for the seminar in Part I of the form. He enters $1,650 ($1,050 + $550 + $50) on line 3 to account for his lodging, airfare, and taxi fares. He enters $400 on line 4 for his tuition and books. On the line to the left of line 5, Victor enters $526 for meal expenses. He multiplies that amount by 50% and enters the result, $263, on line 5. On line 6, Victor totals the amounts from lines 3 through 5. He carries the total, $2,313, to line 20 of Schedule A (Form 1040).

Since he does not claim any vehicle expenses, Victor leaves Part II blank. His filled-in form is shown on the next page.

Form 2106-EZ for V. Jones

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