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telefile.gif (6832 bytes)TeleFile: Your Easiest Way to File Tax Breaks

TeleFile, the IRS� file-by-phone option, offers many people the quickest, easiest way to file a return. "TeleFile is easy. People who use it love it, and become our best ambassadors for the program," said Bob Barr, IRS e-file executive. "Ninety-nine percent of last year�s users intend to use it again."

Last year, nearly 6 million people filed their tax returns with a simple 10-minute phone call to the IRS, and the number of users is expected to increase again this year. And why not?

"TeleFile is totally paperless. Just complete the TeleFile work-sheet in the tax booklet, call the toll-free number, and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. TeleFile instantly calculates any taxes or refund due. A customer service number acts as a signature and a confirmation number indicates we received your return. That�s all there is to it," explained Barr.

The IRS sends a special instruction booklet to those people who may be able to use TeleFile. With this booklet and a Touch-Tone phone, people can file their returns at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "Only those who receive the booklet can use TeleFile," said Barr. "Therefore, it�s important that people keep the booklet in a safe place until they are ready to file."

"Besides the benefits of quick, convenient filing, TeleFile users will get their refunds in half the time than if they filed a paper return - even faster if individuals choose to have their refunds deposited directly into their bank accounts," Barr added.

The TeleFile idea is expanding. Several states also offer their own TeleFile program that lets residents file their state returns by phone. "This year, the IRS is testing a joint TeleFile option with two states, Kentucky and Indiana," Barr noted. "Individuals who qualify will be able to file both their federal and state returns with a single call." What could be easier?

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