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Problem Resolution Program - Help for Problem Situations

This is archived information that pertains only to the 1997 Tax Year. If you
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While the IRS continually strives to provide accurate and complete service to taxpayers, some taxpayers meet delays in solving their federal tax problems. If this has happened to you, you can get help from IRS' Problem Resolution office.

Problem Resolution should not be used as a substitute for normal procedures; most problems can be resolved through regular channels. Some of the situations that could qualify you for help under the Problem Resolution Program are:

  1. If you must contact the IRS again on the same issue at least 30 days after the first contact. Please give us 60 days to process your original or amended return or claim before contacting us the first time,
  2. If you must contact the IRS again because you have not received a response by the date promised, including dates promised on IRS forms and letters; or
  3. Any time our established systems fail.

There are some situations that do not qualify for Problem Resolution assistance. These areas include cases where an established administrative or formal appeal procedure is available and should be used.

To contact the Problem Resolution Office, call 1-800-829-1040.

If you prefer, you may write to the Problem Resolution Office at the service center which processed your return. Please include your social security or employer identification number, your return address with zip code, and a telephone number where you can be reached during the day. Give us as much information as possible and a written summary of the problem and efforts made to correct it, including copies of any correspondence received or previously sent.

Publication 1546, How to Use the Problem Resolution Program of the IRS, has more information. You may order a copy of Publication 1546 by calling 1-800-829-3676.

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