IRS News Release  
February 03, 1989

Supplemental Medicare Premium
Publication Available

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service has made Publication 934, Supplemental Medicare Premium, available to help taxpayers decide whether or not they owe the premium, and if they do, how to figure it and how to pay it.

The amount of the premium is based on the amount of tax a person pays. If the tax is low, the premium will be small, and eligible taxpayers with tax less than $150 will not have to pay the premium.

Starting in 1989, new law expands Medicare to cover catastrophic hospital bills, extended care services, hospice care and other costs.

According to the provisions of the law, some of the costs of this new coverage will be paid by those eligible for Medicare Part A -- hospital insurance -- benefits. Those who are eligible for the coverage may be required to pay a share of the cost in the form of a supplemental Medicare premium. This premium will be added to the tax on 1989 federal tax returns, filed in 1990.

Eligible individuals who must pay the premium should do so by the end of 1989, either by increasing their federal estimated tax payments or their withholding, as explained in Publication 934.

IRS's role in this expanded Medicare coverage, according to the law, is to collect this premium. Anyone with questions on the computation and payment of the premium may call IRS on the toll-free tax information number listed in the telephone directory.

However, anyone with questions on their eligibility and whether or not this applies to them should address their questions to their local Social Security Administration office. Those with questions on kinds of coverage should call the Medicare intermediary for their area listed in back of the Medicare handbook. The Health Care Financing Administration has mailed the 1989 edition of the Medicare Handbook, which contains a comprehensive explanation of the new catastrophic benefits to Medicare enrollees.

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