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Taxpayer Education Programs

The IRS has year-round education programs designed to help you understand the tax laws and IRS procedures. Volunteers trained by the IRS are an important part of these programs. For times and locations of the available ser-vices in your community, or to become a volunteer, call the IRS office in your area and ask for the Taxpayer Education Coordinator or the Public Affairs Officer/Communications Manager.

Understanding Taxes Program for Students

Understanding Taxes consists of four separate tax education courses designed to teach students about their federal tax rights and responsibilities and the economics and history on which our tax system is based.

  • The eighth grade program, Taxes in U.S. History, details the roles that taxes have played in our nation´s history. It is designed for U.S. history classes. Students learn how tax policies of the past have contributed to tax policies in effect today. Teachers can integrate the program into standard curricula.

  • The high school program, Understanding Taxes, explains how to prepare and file a simple tax return and teaches about the history, politics, and economics of our tax system. The variety of topics covered in a modular format allows the course to be used in a number of different classes, such as history, economics, consumer education, social studies, government, civics, and business education.

  • TAX Interactive (TAXi) is an online learning lab designed for high school student and teacher use. Visit TAX Interactive on the IRS Web site at for an educational and entertaining way to learn about tax rights and responsibilities.

  • The post-secondary program, Taxes and You, is designed to assist adult learners in becoming responsible participants in the tax system. Students will learn how taxes affect people and the economy and how to interpret and prepare tax forms. By learning how to pay only what is owed, managing personal finances will become a lot easier.

Practitioner Education

Through this program, training is provided to people who prepare tax returns and counsel taxpayers for a fee. Classes are held in every state in cooperation with the state bureau of revenue, colleges, universities, and professional accounting groups. Tax professional institutes alert participants of the tax law changes and work with participants to improve the quality of return preparation to reduce errors.


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