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Tax Information: Where to Get It

The Internal Revenue Service produces and provides publications, forms, and other tax materials and information to help taxpayers meet their tax responsibilities. Materials are available by phone or mail, at local IRS offices and other community locations. Most materials can also be obtained via the Internet, by fax machine and on CD-ROM.

Tax Information Available Electronically.

From a computer, you can download and print any of 700 federal tax forms with instructions, approximately 100 tax publications, and other tax materials. Also for your convenience, you can request and receive forms through a fax machine or you can order the Federal Tax Products on CD-ROM of IRS forms and publications.

IRS Web site: Offers convenient access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Web site has tax forms with instructions, publications, the latest tax law changes, and specific tax information for individuals and businesses. Access at IRS Tax Fax: To get a faxed index of nearly 100 frequently requested IRS tax forms, dial (703) 368-9694 from a fax machine. Follow the voice prompts and key in your response. You may select up to three (3) items to order during a single call. The forms are generally available for fax transmission at all times. Your order will be faxed back to you through your fax machine.

IRS CD-ROM: Publication 1796, Federal Tax Products on CD-ROM, of current and prior year tax publications and forms can be purchased from the NATIONAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION SERVICE (NTIS). Order by calling toll free 1-877-233-6767 (1-877-CDFORMS) or via the Internet at (Cost is less when ordered through the Internet.)

IRS Community-Based Outlet Programs

The IRS and local community businesses across the United States are working together to increase accessibility of tax publications, forms, and other tax materials for your convenience.

In addition to community outlets listed below, the IRS supplies tax forms and publications to a number of technical schools, military bases, and community colleges nationwide. Most banks are no longer tax form distribution outlets. However, banks that participate in the electronic filing program or are a VITA/TCE site may distribute tax forms. Businesses that would like to participate call the IRS at 916-636-7705. Post offices and libraries, call 1-800-829-2765.

IRS Post Office Program: The IRS supplies free tax materials to many post offices nationwide. Most post offices stock Forms 1040 (U.S. Individual Income Tax Return), 1040A, and 1040EZ with the instructions and related schedules.

IRS Library Program: Members of the American Library Association and the Public Library Association continue to partner with the IRS to provide taxpayers access to a wide variety of tax products. Currently, over 14,000 libraries participate in this program. There will be a nominal fee if you need to reproduce a tax form where stock is not available.

IRS Copy Center Program: Each year, the IRS furnishes thousands of copy centers (nationwide) either the IRS Publication 1796, Federal Tax Products on CD-ROM, or IRS Publication 3194, Reproducible Copies of Federal Tax Forms (Laminated Version). Through this program, quick copy centers and office Tax Information Available Electronically supply stores can offer taxpayers a wide variety of IRS forms with instructions for copying. Call the store prior to visiting since not all have this material. There is often a nominal charge for making copies.

IRS Corporate Partnership Program: The IRS and employers with 100 or more employees are working together to get tax materials to their employees. Upon request, the IRS provides employers with a free copy of Publication 1796, Federal Tax Products on CD-ROM, that contains tax forms with instructions and publications. Employers can then load this information on their Intranet or local area network, so employees will be able to view and print more than 700 current IRS tax forms with instructions and publications. Prior-year forms, tax regulations, IRS bulletins are also available on the CD. For companies with employees that do not have computer access, the IRS can provide a free copy of Publication 1132, Reproducible Copies of Federal Tax Forms and Instructions. This publication is a compilation of over 150 tax forms with instructions, that can be photocopied and used. The forms are in camera-ready format for better quality reproduction.

IRS Credit Union Program: The IRS and credit unions are partnering to offer credit union members another outlet to access tax forms. Through this program, credit unions can get a free copy of IRS tax products on CD- ROM and IRS reproducible tax forms (Publications 1132, 1132L, and 3194). Credit unions also have the option to load the CD-ROM on their Internet site or they can link to the IRS Web site. Then credit union members can obtain tax materials at work or at home via their credit union Internet Web site or they can photocopy forms at their credit union.

IRS Grocery Store Program: Grocery store chains nationwide are partnering with the IRS to get tax forms to their customers. IRS provides Publication 3194, Reproducible Copies of Federal Tax Forms (Laminated Version) to these stores. Stores may attach this Publication to a self-service copy machine so customers may make copies.

IRS Newspaper Supplement Program: Through this program, the IRS provides print media outlets with a package of the most frequently used IRS tax forms. The IRS will provide requested quantities of this package to insert in newspapers. Newspapers can also obtain a free copy of Publication 1796, Federal Tax Products on CD-ROM, to load to their Web site. And, when a newspaper is affiliated with a TV or radio station, the TV or radio station may want to take advantage of loading Publication 1796 on their Web site.

City/County Government Program: IRS will provide Publication 1796, Federal Tax Products CD-ROM, and Publication 1132, Reproducible Copies of Federal Tax Forms.


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