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Advance EIC payments, Advance EIC payments.
Assistance (see Tax help)


Baby sitters (see Household employee)
Baby-sitting costs (see Child and dependent care expenses)
Business employers, employment tax payment option, Payment option for business employers.


Caretakers (see Household employee)
Child and dependent care expenses, credit for, Can You Claim a Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses?
Cleaning people (see Household employee)
Comments on publication, Comments and suggestions.


Dependent care expenses, Can You Claim a Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses?
Disability payments, state, State disability payments treated as wages.
Domestic worker (see Household employee)
Drivers (see Household employee)


Earned income credit (EIC), What Do You Need To Know About the Earned Income Credit?
EIC notice, Notice about the EIC.
Employer identification number (EIN), Employer identification number (EIN).
Employing an alien legally (see Legal employee)
Employment eligibility verification form, Can Your Employee Legally Work in the United States?
Employment taxes:
Need to pay, Do You Need To Pay Employment Taxes?
Payment options, Payment option for business employers.
Tax returns, Business employment tax returns.
Estimated tax, paying, Paying estimated tax.


Handbook for Employers, Can Your Employee Legally Work in the United States?
Health aides (see Household employee)
Help (see Tax help)
Household employee, Do You Have a Household Employee?
Housekeepers (see Household employee)
How to increase withholding, Asking for more federal income tax withholding.
How to pay estimated tax, Paying estimated tax.


Income tax withholding, increasing (see How to increase withholding)


Maids (see Household employee)
Medicare (see Social security and Medicare taxes)
More information (see Tax help)


Nannies (see Household employee)
Nonemployees, Workers who are not your employees.
Nurses, private (see Household employee)


Publications (see Tax help)


Records you must keep, What Records Must You Keep?


Schedule H (Form 1040), How Do You Make Tax Payments?, Schedule H.
Self-employed workers (see Nonemployees)
Social security and Medicare
Taxes, Social Security and Medicare Taxes
Wages, Social security and Medicare wages.
Social security number, employee's, Employee's social security number.
Disability payments, State disability payments treated as wages.
Employment taxes, State employment taxes.
Unemployment tax agencies, Appendix: State Unemployment Tax Agencies
Suggestions for publication, Comments and suggestions.


Yard workers (see Household employee)

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