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Official IRS Documents from
Internal Revenue Bulletins

Internal Revenue Bulletins (IRBs) - Are the official publications released weekly by the IRS which contain all the "official" documents that govern our tax system. These documents are released in different formats, and carry titles such as "Revenue Rulings", "Revenue Procedures", "Regulations", "Announcements", "Treasury Decisions", "Notices", etc.

This section can be researched in several ways:

  • You can read summaries of those documents from the IRB cover pages. Beginning in 1996, these summaries are linked to the actual documents which are in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.
  • You can search by the type of document, such as Revenue Ruling, Revenue Procedure, etc. All documents are included since 1996 with additional summaries going back to 1989.
  • You can search by 255 Tax Topics. We have summaries of all official IRS documents issued back to 1953.
  • You can search using our on-site search engine which searches inside PDF files. Use the Search box at the bottom of the page.

Definition of Terms Used in Official IRS Documents

Guide to Understanding the Differences
Among Official IRS Documents

Weekly Internal Revenue Bulletins

For years beginning in 1996, the IRBs include links to the full text of those documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

For years 1989 thru 1995, the IRBs include document summaries only. There are NO documents for these years.

Research by Type of Document, such as Rev. Rul., Rev. Proc., etc.

There is a separate page for each type of document issued by the IRS. For each year you will find links to specific listings for documents such as Revenue Rulings, Revenue Procedures, Announcements, Notices, Treasury Decisions, Regulations, Court Decisions, etc. Each type of document lists summaries for each document with links to those documents. Use this section if you know what year the document was issued.

Tax Topics Listed Alphabetically

There are 255 Tax Topics in this section. Each Tax Topic includes summaries of all official documents going back to 1953.


You can either: (1) Search all IRS Bulletin Documents issued since January 1996, or (2) Search the entire site. For a more focused search, put your search words in quotes:

Download PDF Reader  to download the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

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