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April 05, 1999

Internal Revenue Bulletin No. 1999-14

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Notice 99-17(PDF, 20K)
This notice modifies Notice 98-20, 1998-13 I.R.B. 25, to reflect changes made to section 1(h) of the Internal Revenue Code by sections 4002(i)(3) and 4003(b) of the Tax and Trade Relief Extension Act of 1998. The changes affect the treatment of post-1997 distributions of capital gains from a charitable remainder trust.

Rev. Proc. 99-20(PDF, 17K)
Section 911(d)(4) waiver. Guidance is provided to individuals who fail to meet the eligibility requirements of section 911(d)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code because adverse conditions in a foreign country preclude the individual from meeting those requirements. A current list of countries and the dates those countries are subject to the section 911(d)(4) waiver is provided.

Rev. Rul. 99-17(PDF, 14K)
Federal rates; adjusted federal rates; adjusted federal long-term rate, and the long-term exempt rate. For purposes of sections 1274, 1288, 382, and other sections of the Code, tables set forth the rates for April 1999.

Rev. Rul. 99-18(PDF, 13K)
Low-income housing credits; satisfactory bond; "bond factor" amounts for the period January through March 1999. This ruling announces the monthly bond factor amounts to be used by taxpayers who dispose of qualified low-income buildings or interests therein during the period January through March 1999.


Announcement 99-32(PDF, 22K)
A list is given of organizations now classified as private foundations.


Announcement 99-24(PDF, 86K)
The Service is requesting comments from the public on proposed revisions to Form 1042-S, Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding.

Announcement 99-26(PDF, 14K)
An updated edition of Publication 954, Tax Incentives for Empowerment Zones and Other Distressed Communities (revised February 1999), is now available.

Announcement 99-33(PDF, 18K)
Updated editions of Publication 547, Casualties, Disasters, and Thefts (Business and Nonbusiness) (revised February 1999), and Publication 584, Casualty, Disaster, and Theft Loss Workbook (Personal-Use Property) (revised February 1999) are now available.

Announcement 99-35(PDF, 13K)
Proposed regulation REG-113744-98, 1999-10 I.R.B. 59, under section 1296 of the Code relating to the new mark-to-market election for stock of a passive foreign investment company (PFIC), is corrected.

REG-100729-98(PDF, 35K)
Proposed regulations under section 6302 of the Code relate to the deposit of Federal taxes by electronic funds transfer (EFT). A public hearing is scheduled for May 11, 1999.

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