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January 28, 1991

Internal Revenue Bulletin No. 1991-4

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Rev. Rul. 91-6
Grantor foreign trust. Treatment of accumulation distributions by a domestic trust that was previously a foreign trust.

Rev. Rul. 91-7
Denial of capitalization of expenses. Foreign persons who purchase real estate that produces no gross income may not capitalize interest, taxes and other carrying charges that are otherwise not deductible.


Rev. Proc. 91-4
Rulings and determination letters; issuance procedures. Revised producers are provided for issuing ruling letters, information letters, etc., on matters relating to sections of the Code under the jurisdiction of the Assistant Commissioner (Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations.) Rev. Proc. 90-4 superseded.

Rev. Proc. 91-5
Technical Advice. Revised procedures are provided for furnishing technical advice to Key District Directors and Chiefs, Appeals Office, by the Assistant Commissioner (Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations) regarding issues in the employee plans areas (including actuarial matters) and exempt organizations areas. Rev. Proc. 90-5 superseded.

Announcement 91-11
Employers who adopted Model Amendment 2 or 3 of Notice 88-131, ceasing accruals in retirement plans until the TRA'86 amendments can be made, should generally designate their employees as active participants.


T.D. 8328 PS-65-90
Temporary and proposed regulations relate to requirements for returns, payments, and deposits of tax for excise taxes currently reportable on Form 720.


Rev. Rul. 91-8
Obsolete revenue rulings. A list is given of revenue rulings in the employee plans area which are no longer considered determinative.

Rev. Proc. 91-7
Election; low-income housing credit. This procedure informs taxpayers how to make the election under section 11407(c) of the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1990, to accelerate into the first tax year ending on or after October 25, 1990, low-income housing credit amounts otherwise allowable in future years under section 42 of the Code.

Rev. Proc. 91-9
Forms; magnetic tape; Form 1042S. Specifications are set forth for submission of Forms 1042S, Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding, on magnetic tape. Rev. Proc. 89-58 superseded.

Notice 91-4
Interim guidance is provided to subdividers of real estate under section 461(h) of the Code and Rev. Proc. 75-25 until publication of final rules.

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