IRS Tax Forms  
Publication 946 2001 Tax Year

Appendix A

Appendix A

Table A-1 and A-2

Table A-3 and A-4

Table A-5 and A-6

Table A-7

Table A-8

Table A-8 (continued)

Table A-9

Table A-9 (continued)

Table A-10

Table A-10 (continued)

Table A-11

Table A-11 (continued)

Table A-12

Table A-12 (continued)

Table A-13, A-14 and A-14 (continued.1)

Table A-14 (continued.2)

Table A-15

Table A-15 (continued)

Table A-16

Table A-16 (continued)

Table A-17

Table A-17 (continued)

Table A-18

Table A-19 and Table A-20

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