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2000 GAO Reports on the IRS

The mission of GAO's Tax Policy and Administration issue area is to provide Congress, the Executive Branch, and the public with timely, accurate, and objective analyses and information to improve our nation's tax system and its administration. This responsibility not only encompasses the government's revenue and tax expenditures, but also the IRS, the federal agency responsible for tax administration.

The reports below are the result of the GAO's internal investigations in the Tax Policy and Administration issue area. We think you will them interesting and fascinating, as they uncover weaknesses, abuses, malfeasance, mismanagement, waste, and corruption at the IRS.

GGD-00-166 Aug. 10, 2000
Tax Administration: IRS Faces Several Challenges as It Attempts to Better Serve Small Businesses
OCE-00-165 June 30, 2000
Sales Taxes: Electronic Commerce Growth Presents Challenges; Revenue Losses Are Uncertain
GGD-00-146 June 16, 2000
IRS' 2000 Tax Filing Season: IRS Measures Show Tax Processing Systems Performed Slightly Better Than in 1999
AIMD-00-162R June 14, 2000
Management Letter: Suggested Improvements in IRS' Accounting Procedures & Internal Controls
GGD-00-11 May 22, 2000
Tax Administration: IRS Is Working to Improve Its Estimates of Compliance Burden
GGD-00-81 April 28, 2000
Tax Administration: IRS' Implementation of the Restructuring Act's Personnel Flexibility Provisions
GGD-00-85 April 21, 2000
Tax Administration: IRS' Implementation of the Restructuring Act's Taxpayer Protection & Rights Provisions
GGD-00-84 April 14, 2000
Tax Administration: IRS' Low-Dollar Notices Sent to Individual Taxpayers
GGD-00-55 April 14, 2000
Tax Administration: Multiple Collection Notices Sent to Individual Taxpayers
AIMD-00-144 April 10, 2000
IRS Modernization: Business Practice, Performance Management, & Information Technology Challenges
GGD-00-65 April 07, 2000
Tax Administration: IRS' Levy of Federal Payments Could Generate Millions of Dollars
AIMD-00-133 March 28, 2000
Tax Administration: IRS' 2000 Tax Filing Season & Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Request
GGD-00-54 March 28, 2000
Tax Administration: Tracking Taxpayer Information About IRS Notices Could Reduce Burden
AIMD-00-175 March 24, 2000
Tax Systems Modernization: Results of Review of IRS' March 7, 2000, Expenditure Plan
GGD-00-83 March 24, 2000
Tax Administration: IRS' Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic Program
GGD-00-7 March 16, 2000
Tax Administration: IRS' Use of Nonaudit Contacts
T-AIMD-00-104 Feb. 29, 2000
Internal Revenue Service: Results of Fiscal Year 1999 Financial Statement Audit
GGD-00-37 Dec. 15, 1999
Tax Administration: IRS' 1999 Tax Filing Season
GGD-00-5 Nov. 29, 1999
IRS Seizures: Limited Progress in Eliminating Asset Management Control Weaknesses
GGD-00-4 Nov. 29, 1999
IRS Seizures: Needed for Compliance But Processes for Protecting Taxpayer Rights Have Some Weaknesses
GGD-00-1 Oct. 14, 1999
IRS Employee Evaluations: Opportunities to Better Balance Customer Service & Compliance Objectives


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