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T.D. 8648 May 16, 1996

Controlling Corporation's Basis Adjustment in its
Controlled Corporation's Stock Following a
Triangular Reorganization.

[4830-01-u] DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Internal Revenue Service 26 CFR Part 1 TD 8648 RIN 1545-AB21

TITLE: Controlling corporation's basis adjustment in its controlled corporation's stock following a triangular reorganization.

AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Treasury.

ACTION: Final regulations.

SUMMARY: This document contains final regulations under sections 358, 1032, and 1502 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The final regulations provide rules for adjusting the basis of a controlling corporation in the stock of a controlled corporation as the result of certain triangular reorganizations involving the stock of the controlling corporation. They also generally provide that the use of the controlling corporation's stock provided by the controlling corporation pursuant to the plan of reorganization is treated as a disposition of those shares by the controlling corporation.

DATES: These regulations are effective [INSERT DATE OF PUBLICATION OF THIS DOCUMENT IN THE FEDERAL REGISTER]. For dates of applicability, see the "Effective Dates" section under the "SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION" portion of the preamble and the effective date provisions of the new or revised regulations.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Curt Cutting, (202) 622-7550 (not a toll-free number).

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