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T.D. 8637 May 16, 1996

Backup Withholding, Statement Mailing Requirements, &
Due Diligence

[4830-01-u] DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Internal Revenue Service 26 CFR Parts 1, 31, 35a, 301, and 602 [TD 8637] RIN 1545-AT76

TITLE: Backup Withholding, Statement Mailing Requirements, and Due Diligence

AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Treasury.

ACTION: Final and temporary regulations.

SUMMARY: This document provides final rules on backup withholding under sections 3406(a)(1)(A), (C), and (D) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (Code) when a payee fails to provide a taxpayer identification number in the required manner to a person required to make an information return, when a payee is subject to notified payee underreporting, or when a payee fails to certify, under penalties of perjury, that the payee is not subject to backup withholding due to notified payee underreporting. This document also provides final rules on the manner for providing a statement to a payee under sections 6042(c), 6044(e), 6049(c), and 6050N(b) of the Code. This document also contains temporary regulations on the effective date of 35a.9999-1 through 35a.9999-5, Temporary Employment Tax Regulations under the Interest and Dividend Tax Compliance Act of 1983. The text of these temporary regulations also serves as the text of the proposed regulations set forth in the notice of proposed rulemaking on this subject in the Proposed Rules section of this issue of the Federal Register.

DATES: These regulations are effective (INSERT DATE THIS DOCUMENT IS PUBLISHED IN THE FEDERAL REGISTER). These regulations are applicable to transactions occurring after December 31, 1996.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Renay France of the Office of Assistant Chief Counsel (Income Tax and Accounting) with respect to domestic transactions, 202-622-4910 (not a toll-free number); and Teresa Burridge Hughes of the Office of Assistant Chief Counsel (International) with respect to international transactions, 202-622-3880 (not a toll-free number).

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