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North Dakota State University v. United States
Issue: Whether early retirement payments that the taxpayer made to tenured faculty members are wages subject to Federal Insurance Contributions Act ("FICA") taxes.
Therese Hahn v. Commissioner
Issue: Whether I.R.C. § 2040(b)(1) applies to joint interests created before January 1, 1977, where the deceased joint tenant died after December 31, 1981. 2040.02-00.
Robert L. Beck v. Commissioner
Issue: Whether the Tax Court has jurisdiction to review the Service's determination that a spouse is not entitled to equitable relief under I.R.C. § 66(c).
Mesa Oil, Inc. v. United States
Issue: Whether a verbatim recording of a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing is required under I.R.C. §§ 6320 and 6330 to create a judicially reviewable administrative record.
Exxon v. Commissioner
Issue: Whether the U.K. Petroleum Revenue Tax (PRT) is a creditable income tax under section 901.
Farmland Industries, Inc. v. Commissioner
Issue: Whether the gains and losses that a nonexempt cooperative realized from the disposition of certain property were patronage sourced for purposes of subchapter T of the Internal Revenue Code.
Arnold W. Vinick v. United States
Issue: Whether actual, exercised authority over a company's financial matters, including the duty and power to determine which creditors to pay, is necessary for a finding that a taxpayer is a responsible person under I.R.C. § 6672.
Security State Bank v. Commissioner
Issue: Whether a cash method bank that makes short-term loans in the ordinary course of its business is subject to accrual of the stated interest on those loans under section 1281(a)(2) or, in the alternative, under section 1281(a)(1).


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