Taxpayer Bill of Rights  

Hearings of April & September 1987

Testimony of Thomas L. Treadway
April 10, 1987

Statement by Jack Warren Wade, Jr.
April 10, 1987
Before the Subcommittee on Oversight of the Internal Revenue Service Committee on Finance U.S. Senate on the proposed Omnibus Taxpayers' Bill of Rights Act

National Taxpayers Union
September 17, 1987
A Nonpartisan, Nonprofit Organization Dedicated to the Public Interest Safeguarding Taxpayers' Rights

A Call for a Taxpayers Bill of Rights
September 25,1987
Article written by Jack Warren Wade, Jr. and Published by the Heritage Foundation. Recent Congressional hearings on IRS abuses have demonstrated a long-overdue need for legislative protections such as those in The Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, proposed by Senator David Pryor, (D-Ark.). For years taxpayers have testified that IRS collection actions - where most abusive situations arise - were frequently overzealous, heavy-handed, detrimental to the government's interest, and sometimes illegal.

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