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Form 1040 Instructions 2005 2005 Tax Year

Name & Address

Use the Peel-Off Label

Using your peel-off name and address label on the back of this booklet will speed the processing of your return. It also prevents common errors that can delay refunds or result in unnecessary notices. Put the label on your return after you have finished it. Cross out any incorrect information and print the correct information. Add any missing items, such as your apartment number.

Address Change

If the address on your peel-off label is not your current address, cross out your old address and print your new address. If you plan to move after filing your return, use Form 8822 to notify the IRS of your new address.

Name Change

If you changed your name because of marriage, divorce, etc., be sure to report the change to your local Social Security Administration office before filing your return. This prevents delays in processing your return and issuing refunds. It also safeguards your future social security benefits. See page 63 for more details. If you received a peel-off label, cross out your former name and print your new name.

What If You Do Not Have a Label?

Print or type the information in the spaces provided. If you are married filing a separate return, enter your husband´s or wife´s name on line 3 instead of below your name.


If you filed a joint return for 2004 and you are filing a joint return for 2005 with the same spouse, be sure to enter your names and SSNs in the same order as on your 2004 return.

P.O. Box

Enter your box number only if your post office does not deliver mail to your home.

Foreign Address

Enter the information in the following order: City, province or state, and country. Follow the country´s practice for entering the postal code. Do not abbreviate the country name.

Death of a Taxpayer

See page 63.

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